Tuesday, December 4, 2012

...the boys have an advent calendar

i remember advent calendars as a child...i always thought it was amazing to have a piece of chocolate every single day leading up to christmas. then my parents or grandparents starting buying advent calendars with pretty little pictures behind each door. all i could think is, "i got gypped"...where was the chocolate?!? much later, after having my first child, when i went to find the chocolate filled advent calendar for the offspring i realized those are hard to find. for a couple years i searched until i found some with chocolate, but i kept longing for a reusable one i could just fill each year. this year i was on the verge of breaking and spending $60 on one of the wooden ones at tj maxx...that was until i saw this...

so mine turned out like this...

i was very happy with this project...as i'm sure the boys will be with christmas wrapped rollo and mint kisses!

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