Thursday, December 6, 2012

...i have festive nails

so this is the image i repinned...

and this is how mine turned out...

meh...these were okay...i have again confirmed that i'm not nearly as great at using masking tape to, well, "mask" for painting as the name suggests i should be.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

...the boys have an advent calendar

i remember advent calendars as a child...i always thought it was amazing to have a piece of chocolate every single day leading up to christmas. then my parents or grandparents starting buying advent calendars with pretty little pictures behind each door. all i could think is, "i got gypped"...where was the chocolate?!? much later, after having my first child, when i went to find the chocolate filled advent calendar for the offspring i realized those are hard to find. for a couple years i searched until i found some with chocolate, but i kept longing for a reusable one i could just fill each year. this year i was on the verge of breaking and spending $60 on one of the wooden ones at tj maxx...that was until i saw this...

so mine turned out like this...

i was very happy with this i'm sure the boys will be with christmas wrapped rollo and mint kisses!

Monday, December 3, 2012

...i'm addicted

anyone who's discovered pinterest knows the feeling, and i'm sure "pinners anonymous" groups have popped up around the world. the website is addictive. everything from cat memes to crafts, inspiring photography to  home remedies, design to recipes, and everything in between is saved in little directories each user creates linking back to the original image somewhere out in the interwebs. it is a visual nexus of pop internet culture. the hub for viral content. and it has earned a reputation for giving people great ideas...which they share...but then they don't do anything with. the thought process often goes like this...

1 - see awesome hairstyle with instructions
2 - think "ooo...that looks awesome...and easy too!"
3 - repin picture
4 - forget how to create hairstyle so you never try it

the process is the same regardless of the content. well, i'm determined to actually try some of these awesome things i keep pinning and i'm going to keep track of it all. make a list of what works, what doesn't and share it all here (with pictures, of course)

happy pinning!